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High-carbon Steel Kitchen Knife: Handmade Forged Slaughter Bone Chopper


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Introducing the Handmade Forged Slaughter Bone Chopper, your ultimate kitchen powerhouse for tackling the toughest culinary challenges. Forged from high-carbon stainless steel, this knife is a testament to traditional craftsmanship fused with modern performance. With a blade designed to effortlessly sail through meat and bone, this kitchen knife is both a workhorse and a precision instrument, essential for any serious cook.

Complete Control and Precision Craftsmanship:

  • Optimal Blade Angle: Expertly crafted with a blade angle of over 60° to deliver unbeatable cutting performance. This angle ensures that each slice through tough meats and resistant bones is smooth, effort-free, and precise.
  • Ergonomic Wooden Handle: The 10.2cm wooden handle is ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable, secure grip, improving control and minimizing hand fatigue during repetitive tasks. This human-centric design translates to efficient cutting, no matter the duration of use.
  • Balanced Blade Length: The 19.8cm blade offers a perfect harmony between control and power. Whether you’re performing fine, intricate cuts or powering through heavy-duty chopping, this blade maintains its precision and ease of use.

Durable and Elegant Materials:

  • High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade: Renowned for exceptional sharpness, long-lasting durability, and an impressive resistance to rust and staining, the high-carbon stainless steel blade is the heart of this chopper’s performance.
  • Sturdy Wooden Handle: Coupled with the robust blade is a handle crafted from sturdy wood, delivering comfort in hand and a classic, timeless aesthetic.

Robust Forging Process:

  • Deep Quench Splash: The blade undergoes a quenching process at 780 degrees, striking the ideal balance between hardness and strength, setting the stage for a tool that can withstand the demands of daily use.
  • Precision Tempering: Subsequent tempering at 180 to 200 degrees ensures the knife retains flexibility, crucial for a blade that encounters variable pressures whilst chopping and slicing.

Versatile Kitchen Champion:

  • Master of Meat and Bone: This chopper is purpose-built to slice neatly through meat and bone, merging precision and power effortlessly in one tool.
  • Expert Slicing: The edge and length of the blade excel at slicing through substantial cuts of meat, fish, and even sizable vegetables, allowing for smooth, clean cuts every time.
  • Multipurpose Kitchen Essential: While it shines as a bone chopper, it’s also a versatile asset for a plethora of kitchen tasks, boosting your cooking efficiency.

The Handmade Forged Slaughter Bone Chopper is more than just a knife—it’s a statement of strength, precision, and versatility. Designed for those who value the quality of their kitchen tools as much as the quality of their food, this knife stands poised to become the cornerstone of your culinary toolkit. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional cook, elevate your kitchen with a piece that melds form and function into one unbeatable chopper.


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